Here at Space Market Trading, it is our belief that everyone should be given equal opportunities regardless of family background, ethnicity or past records. We truly believe in aiding people with financial difficulties be it because of family background or from past issues that might be making it hard for them to secure a stable job. We also sincerely believe that kindness is the key to happiness. The staff at Space Market Trading are closely bonded and we make it a point to treat our people like family and listen to their problems in order to be closer to our staff. Those are our beliefs that we, Space Market Trading stay true to. Please do take note that we are not a charity drive or donation company.

Team Outing 9 July 2020

Space Market Trading is also a promising company that is helping SME companies who are looking to expand and grow their businesses by aiding them in promoting their brands, services and merchandises. 

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2018-2019 Space Market Trading opened up a shop partnered with O2 Trade at 1 Sophia Road Peace Centre and we also opened an Ecommerce Business.

2019-2020 Space Market Trading evolved into doing direct selling. 

2020-Today, Space Market Trading has been incorporated into Space Market Trading Pte Ltd and we are currently also helping small SME companies by providing them with marketing services.

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